Danger RPGEdit

The DangerRPG modification by Mixac1 adds:

  1. A level system for players, mobs, armor, weapons, and tools.
  2. New blocks, items, tools, armor and weapons
  3. A new HUD

There are pleasant surprises in each of the bullet points so be sure to check them out.

The Configuration files should be adjusted to suite your preferred level of difficulty.

Official link:

FAQs and bug tracker information is found in the link above.

Wiki LinksEdit

  1. Level System

    1. Player Stats

      1. Changing your stats

    2. Entity Stats

    3. Armor Stats

    4. Tool Stats

    5. Configuration files

      1. Client Config

      2. Entity Config

    6. Item Config

    7. Main Config

  2. New Items and Tools

  3. HUD: Player Interface


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